Wannamake seeks to make artwork for personal life and motivate and nurture creativity in everyday routines, exploring the benefits of intimate relationships with functional and decorative objects. 

Situated in the Alaska Building, in Boise Idaho, wannamake’s collaborative duo (Eliza Fernand and Anna Weber) hold great interest in reusing discarded materials and reducing waste by making old things new again.  They consider second-hand fabrics to be strong carriers of memories, which can build significance as art objects.   The space, a one time office and sign making facility, can be used for skill sharing events, where people can teach and trade in their areas of expertise.  Overall,  the space aims to attracts various members of the Boise community--reaching into it’s thriving art scene and beyond it.  As a platform for public interaction and collaboration, Wannamake explores the notion of artists' contributions within the city.







Boise , Idaho United States
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