The Upper Bunk

THE UPPER BUNK creative residency program in palouse, washington see also: WHAT IS THE UPPER BUNK? the UPPER BUNK is an experiment in proximity and sharing. residents engage in an exploration of microcosm and community while living and working with mary rothlisberger in her wonderland of an apartment in the paradise of palouse, washington. situated within an endless landscape of rolling dunes of wheat and lentils, main street palouse is nestled in the lush riparian habitat of the palouse river.  residents engage in an experience of collaborative living/studio space within an intimate small-town community (population: 1,011). ELIGIBILITY   the UPPER BUNK  is looking for makers that are independently motivated and full of enthusiasm. kindness, sincerity, and generosity are required. flexibility & adaptability are necessary in small shared spaces. we like: a sense of adventure, a knack for exploration, inventors, thinkers, readers, writers, builders, birders, dreamers, schemers, musicians, makers, do-ers, archivists, & collectors. we’re looking for folks that believe in magic, romance, making friends, and doing good. RESIDENCY makers that participate in an UPPER BUNK residency are expected to log a consistent amount of studio hours at the UPPER BUNK, conceptualize and progress  on an independent project, in addition to conceptualizing and carrying out a collaborative / site-specific project that engages and addresses the local palouse community. AMENITIES UPPER BUNK residents can count on: the top bunk of a bunkbed, stocked with vintage linens, warm afghan blankets, and really soft pillows. a customizable bedside shelf with a reading lamp & a lite-brite. clean towels, extra socks, and a pair of slippers. a desk space in the shared studio, access to all studio equipment, including: an unpredictable sewing machine, fabric library, extensive nature library, vintage mass-market paperback library, tiny zine library,  paper goods, collage material, postcard collection, lettering/stencil material, about a dozen working typewriters (of diverse typefaces), a limited cupboard toolshed, a record collection, scanner, digital camera, wireless internet. open access to mary's small music space: a toy piano, two xylophones, a banjo, a few guitars, two old amplifiers, multiple small casio keyboards, two violins, a miniature magnus organ, a harmonica, some old cassette recorders, and plenty of good cheer. a kitchen with a microwave, a refrigerator, an oven with a wobbly sense of temperature, my best silver, plenty of coffee-cups, jelly jars, and dried goods. transportation: an extra set of galoshes, rollerskates, iceskates, and two bicycles: one long-distance roadbike, one main-street manageable cruiser with a basket, delightful friends & a mutually supportive creative community. MARY-GO-ROUND mary (your roommate & collaborator) is an installation artist, writer, conversationalist, and typewriter mechanic employed as a waitress and dishwasher at the green frog cafe, two blocks west on main street. she is gone tuesday thru friday from 10 until 5. she likes to come home and work on projects, listen to records, play music, go on walks, write letters, and make beautiful things with beautiful people. she believes in a good balance of quiet time, reading time, project time, conversation, and adventure. she stays up late. she rises early. she doesn’t cook. she is brutally honest & brutally kind. she believes in a rational optimism, a compassionate intellect, and sincerity. PALOUSE palouse is a small town in eastern washington. small towns are for big ideas. open spaces never close. in palouse, you can find: a grocery store, a coffeeshop with delicious vegetarian meals, a small library with a pet snake and a VHS collection, a town tavern with a great jukebox, city park with a swingset and a gazebo, city pool in the summertime, a payphone, a soda-pop machine, a railroad bridge, grain elevators, a river with river otters, thrift store, post office, antique stores, a print museum, lentils & more lentils, a rich local history, wandering neighborhood, a welding shop, a quilt shop (with pay-per-use availability of large-scale quilting machines and sewing materials) an airfield, amazing assortment of wildlife, tennis courts, a basketball hoop, a spontaneous bakery, an editorial collective and small publishing house (palouse palouse press), an explosive collection of installation artists, friends, writers, and musicians,  and an inspiring community of people. palouse is 16 miles from moscow, idaho (pop 21,000) and 14 miles from pullman, washington (population: 25,000). the nearest metropolis is spokane, washington (202,000), about seventy miles away. we are nowhere near seattle. QUESTIONS? for more information or to begin your application process, start a conversation with mary rothlisberger at

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