The Sous-Lit residency is a roving artist residency program, situated under the bed of Amber Phelps Bondaroff. Amber, and her bed, currently reside in Montreal Quebec Canada. The bed in question has been raised 44 inches from the floor, exposing and activating 14 784 cubic ft. of creatively-use-able domestic space.


Sous-Lit, (that's under-bed in french,) exists "sans" pre-defined or expected uses and is therefore open to any and all manners of un-conventional actions and creative inquiries. Existing as indefinite terrain, somewhere between the domestic and the artistic; the personal and the public; the home and the studio; up in the air and under the ground, Sous Lit is a space that's both liminal and mystical. After just a short time Sous-Lit, visitors notice an un-canny ability to open up, and leave pre-existing assumptions, expectations, and social norms by the wayside. As a space neither here nor there, Sous-Lit thoroughly nurtures creative thoughts, processes and methods, while providing a place of solace, away from the noise and distractions of the surrounding city.



When not Sous-Lit, residents will find themselves in the heart of Montreal's Plateau/LaFontaine neighbourhood, amidst all the culture and turmoil that the city has to offer.  The residency is situated directly across from the beautiful Parc LaFontaine, which features pedal boats and well fed Canadian geese in the summer, and ice skating and sledding in the winter.



Sous-Lit was created in response and investigation of close quarter habitation.  Accomodations  are cozy, and bohemian.  Residents reside under a sleeping loft in Amber's bedroom, within a four bedroom underground apartment.  The other residents of the apartment  (commonly known as the "Boat Cave House") are a revolving crew of artists and musicians, with knacks for creative space usage.  Because of its close quarters, SousLit residencies are considered in part to be experimental investigations into collaborative co-habitation.  As part of the Sous-Lit creative residency, visiting artists and host are expected to  document and log time spent working, dwelling and living together.


Events are an important part of all Sous-Lit residency.  Visitors and host will work together in organizing one event, inviting members of surrounding Montreal communities into the space to view, interact or participate in current projects.



Facilities available to visiting Sous-Lit artists include:


-a desk,


-a shared kitchen and bathroom


-a communal living room/reading nook


-Lots of art books and music


-availability of various musical instruments and recording devices. (Violins, viola, classical and accoustic guitars, ukelele, keyboard, dulcimer, concertina, musical saw, portable zoom recoder, mini amp, microphones.)


-an off site studio space, 3 blocks away with industrial sewing machine, serger, basic hand and power tools, printer/scanner, table space, two type writers, a small zine library, washer/dryer, wireless internet, proximity to freshly baked bagels, lots of coffee.


In the past, Sous-Lit has been host to numerous conversations, installations and concerts. The future faces endless potential. Send a brief yet concise description of the project you would like to conduct and dates that you would be available to Amber Phelps Bondaroff, Residency Co-ordinator at Sous Lit:


Applications are accepted on an ongoing/case by case basis. July/August 2010 residencies are highly encouraged!


Past and current Sous-Lit Projects:

Montreal , Quebec Canada
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