Open Armoire

Visiting artists can stay in my room- they get a bed, desk space, and an armoire.  We also sometimes have an empty room that can be commandeered for studio space, and room to spread out on a long kitchen table or in the back yard.  We have a practice space in the basement where we can make loud noises.  I have cards for the public and university libraries.  We have a front porch for reading and sitting through sunsets.  We also have access to screen printing, woodshop, and ceramics facilities in the evenings and weekends.  Noel owns the house, so there are opportunities for fun home-improvement projects or creative gardening.  Three of us live here at the moment; it might be four some time soon. Residencies of 10 days (give or take) can be arranged when you apply- Please write a proposal and statement of whatever length you find necessary.

Boise is the place and the palette- The continual exploration of the city as a point of inspiration is the mission I am on and I invite you to participate in.  We are in walking distance of anything downtown (a cute historic downtown with eating, drinking, and flair), and we will loan you a bike.  Well-tended houses and yards line the streets with treasure-filled alleyways running behind.  Sage-filled foothills are biking distance, and a clean river runs right through the city.  The Boise airport is about a ten-minute drive away from the house, and we will pick you up.  The Greyhound station is about a five-minute walk form the house and we will meet you there.

I am inspired by geology, bodily functions, craft supplies, personal histories, wild dancing, and changes in weather, climate, and landscape.  I work at home most of the time and make a point of getting out and doing something every day.  I always have a long ‘to do’ list and am always adding to it.  I like to be busy and collaborate and brainstorm, and I have to sneak off for alone time too.  I have sewing machines and fabric and a video camera and a bucket of yarn and a computer that you can use.  I am in and out of town a lot and we will have to work out a time period that suits us both.  I am resourceful and generous and will be critical at your suggestion.


Boise , Idaho United States
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