Old Furnace Artist Residency - OFAR

Old Furnace Artist Residency:

The Space:
    I live in a two bedroom and two bathroom two story townhouse with two parking spots. I am hoping to host artists from anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. I have a small studio space set up in the kitchen and a small shed available to those interested. I am hoping my space will be a respite and creative space for folks interested in social engaged practices. I am being self-fish in that I also hope to make some friends and possible collaborative partners for future projects. There is plenty of space for folks and if there is more if needed as I have my own studio about 5 miles away. FREE.

The Surroundings:
I am located in Harrisonburg, VA, which is the number one producer of turkey meat in the USA. The is home to JMU & EMU so has a fairly
large-yet transient-college population. It is an interesting city because it is fairly urban it lacks a suburban edge as the city opens
up to rural country farms. The city has its own public bus system but
isnt a spot on any other public transit like trains or planes. I could
pick you up at a regional depot like Roanoke, DC, or Cville, if
needed. The city is bike friendly.

Your Host:
I am a graduate student at JMU in their MFA program; I relocated here from NYC. My practice is rooted in sculpture and explores queer themes related to geography, identity, power, and technology. I volunteer with a variety of activist organizations too. I also run a weekly queer art radio show and publish a quarterly art zine.

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