Micah and Melinda Perry

We offer a room and workspace in a lovely house in a lovely part of town for one month then at the end of the month a gallery showing on Last Thursday as part of the world famous Alberta Art Walk. The gallery is in a belt store that I own and the walls are covered with chalk so a chalk drawing would be really nifty. We are also streaming live on the interwebs so some form of performance art would also be kick ass. Its really up to you.

It would be best if you came at the end of the month because the big final show will be held the Last Thursday of the month. You wouldn't have to leave right away but a few days-week later.

More people will come when the weather is better maybe?

A small three bedroom home in the northernmost reaches of the peninsula known as North Portland. We are a five minute bike ride from the largest city park in the world (Borrow one of our bikes we have extra). Three minutes in the other direction takes you to the best disc golf in town, A huge skatepark with an 11.5 foot deep end and full pipe with street style and normal pool, and all the regular park stuff. Mas transit is just a few blocks away and it will take you almost anywhere for only two dollars. We live on the dead end block far away from any sort of traffic so it will be nice and quiet when you want to take a nap in the hammock. We have a medium sized closed in yard with flowers and bushes and many different sitting areas. You can use the spacious workshop as a studio if you'd like.

The guest room has a bunk bed in it with only the top bunk. We have no tv but instead we have a projector and access to unlimited films and internet fun. We have a very cute dog and a super cute bunny rabbit that are allowed to go anywhere in the house except your room. Another bun lives outside.

The only restriction we have is that the artist has to be Vegan Straight Edge at least during the stay but we do prefer a lifer. VSE means no animal products, alcohol, cigs, pot (drugs).

My partner and I are both pretty much straight edge. We are vegan and don't consume and drugs or alcohol except black tea and agave. Ok some sugar. Melinda is the best cook ever so we are lucky there. If you eat our food you should pay for it I guess- Proper Eats vegan restaurant and grocery is a few blocks away. We have bikes so we could hook you up with a loaner. It would be nice if you left us a cool work of art to add to the collection. If you don't like sleeping in the house you could sleep at the store, big comfy couch.

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