Living on the Off Ramp

I live 2 blocks from the ocean, in an old, cozy apartment with hardwood floors and lots of natural light, above a Chinese Grocer at the corner of Menzie's and Niagara, in the heart of James Bay. I can offer you a pull out bed in the living room, baths in a claw foot tub, a desk overlooking Menzies Street, coffee in the morning, and conversations all day if you want them. Conversely, you can get quiet and read all day, listening to records, and working on art projects.

James Bay is a gorgeous, older district in Victoria, close to the Pacific Ocean, trails, grocery stores, down town Victoria and historical monuments.

If you live in Vancouver, BC, you can take a bus to Tswassen, then take a ferry to Victoria & there's an Express Bus at the Ferry Terminal you can take that will drop you off right down town Victoria. You can bike to my house from there in under 10 minutes, or walk it in 20.

All the buses are close by, and if you are a biker, they all have bike racks, so to bring your bike to and from the ferry is easy.

I've studied Theatre, English, Dance, Art, History and Religion. I've got a degree in none of them, but bookcases full of them.  I live with my 2 dogs, am a self employed gardener, gregarious, intelligent and feisty. I love intellectual conversations, and stirring things up in my sleepy town, which is why I've started this Residency Program!


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