Jade House Visitation Program

Jade House is a 3-person home located in Lansing, Michigan's Eastside neighborhood. We collect a new house plant at least once per week. We have a backyard garden that we grow food in. We are particularly interested in hosting visitors that wish to initiate an ecologically-based creative project (but are still open to other ideas). Visitors at Jade House will have their own bedroom/studio to work and visitations can be as short as a day or much, much longer.

We are committed to providing visitors with all the necessary resources for a successful project and understand that this could mean everything from a home-cooked meal, to a bicycle, to access to a free printer. Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to make it happen.

The Lansing, MI area is a lot like any other town that was hit hard when the manufacturing industry took a turn for the worst. We are recovering in our own unique and compelling way. Our home in particular is situated within a neighborhood full of DIY spaces, urban agriculture, and diverse sets of people.

We are located just off the main bus route in town. Driving/bussing/training are the recommended forms of transportation to Lansing. We do have an airport but it's fairly small and may be difficult to find your way to. Busses are available at the airport, Greyhound, and Amtrak stations (there is also now a Megabus that stops here!). We also do own a car and could probably pick you up from somewhere.

The members of Jade House are fibers artists, zinesters, photographers, food-growers, performers, chefs, writers, and arts orgranizers.



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