The House of In-Correction

We are a one story house with a basement. We have a very fluctuating flow of guests and so you might have a full furnished bedroom to yourself(ves) or, at the very least, a make shift bedroom in the basement (we have lots of extra sleeping gear, including mattresses). There could be a small working studio space if required, including the garage space. We are pet and plant friendly and a mostly vegetarian household.

Now, conceptually...
The House of In-Correction (HoI), began in Cambridge in the summer of 2011 in response to our residency at Green Hall (via NoDS residency!). The House was provoked by research into The Vagrancy Act of 1822 in the UK but our research and inspiration has now extended beyond this. How do laws like the Vagrancy Act shape the time we spend in social spaces, and how we find one another and form radical friendships?

We will have social space to work and relax, beverages and refreshments, an info library on arts, activism, permaculture topics, space to show films, to read readings, to make noise, to have a good time and to get serious.

At the House we value the ephemeral (temporary community), and contest traditional notions of owned spaces and property while celebrating creative tactics of re-interpreting and re-performing the role of civilian. We are building, collaboratively, an inclusive and participatory social practice where we challenge cultural and systemic hegemony. We want to make art that supports positive social, political, and personal development if not outright transformation!

The House of In-correction is in perpetual construction. For its time in Edmonton, Alberta- we encourage the use of the residency as a convergence space for creative activism targeting the pressing issue of the Alberta tar sands. Applicants should feel free to apply as they will, and we are easily excited by most things.

  Your Surroundings:
We are right downtown and close to all amenities! Including an art supply store with great stuff and great prices. We can probably find you a bike for your stay- but public transportation is very easy if needed. The neighbourhood is one of the oldest ones in the city and is very multi cultural. We are close to the river valley, art gallery, central library, and more.

The house has held many people in its time, and is constantly in flux. The best bet is to apply when you would like to come and we can go over details from there.

Please get in touch if you have any further wonderments! The HoI is excited to meet you, future radical pal!

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