SPORE Projects Presents: Home-Stay

Home-Stay is unconventional artist-in-residence program in South City St Louis located in a delightfully inhabited historic redbrick four-family. Our suprisingly quiet minagerie of a inner-city homestead includes friendly humans, chickens (outside), Rushbah the cat, and an occasional canine visitor. We facilitate place-based collaborative, performative, and research projects that are rooted in tangible relationships and landscape of our city.

Permanent resident Emily Hemeyer has lived in the neighborhood while engaging in a community arts practice for six years prior to the project's formal inception. She and our other long-term resident, currently Ryan Carpenter, serve as a support base. During month-long residencies Home-stay connects residents to area resources while providing avenues for relationship building in their area of interest within the community. Often in collaboration.

Addionally Home-Stay providse stort-term stays for visiting artists, writers, bright-eyed vagabonds, and touring bands. Season permiting, we love utalizing our backyard garden and indoor herbs for a hella tastey Mid-Western veg/vegan "family" breakfast.

Home-Stay is presently accepting inquiries for the Spring-Summer 2012 season. Can't wait to meet you!



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