Hammock Residency



The Hammock Residency focuses on the process of making art.  I want you to read all the books you've been meaning to read, the writing you've been putting off.  It's the spaces between the thoughts that inform the thoughts, and ultimately the art object. However, if you want to do a show, exhibition, experiment, panel, etc., and this would be helpful to you, the Hammock Residency can facilitate this.

Applicants from all creative backgrounds are welcome.

To apply, please email a short bio, CV, proposal and up to 10 images (72 dpi) to: heidi@heidi-nagtegaal.com. The proposal must be under 750 words (one page) and outline what you want to do during your residency; i.e. your reading list, what you want to work through, projects, etc.

If you would like to have Hammock Residency host an Event during your stay, please include this in you application, outlining what you would like to do; i.e. show, panel, artist talk, discussion, open house, etc.

Applications are recieved year round, with flexible programming.

By Heidi Nagtegaal, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dear Reader,

People ask me why I do the Hammock Residency.  The reason is simple:  I love artists and want to support my community.

I had the pleasure of doing a few residencies in other spaces: The Purple Thistle, Stratagem and colourschool.  All were unique in their approach to art, community and life at large, and helped me address different angles of my art practice.

Sometimes you need other people to help you through a process.  Sometimes you need a different spot to think, to process, to follow through ideas with, travel with them.  By spending time in someone else's space I was able to address difficult questions and get different answers.

I  do is offer what I have, to you.  I don't have much.  It's not a fancy studio.  It's a porch, a hammock, a garden, and a room indoors that you can use while I'm around.  You can talk to me (or not), you can drink tea with me (or not), you can use my space (or not).  There are no rules, there is no protocol.  You do what you need to do to get from Point A to Point B, and if I can help you in any way, I will.

I hope we see eachother soon.

Yours, Heidi

I love people, I love making things, I love making things with people. I make everything myself, I enjoy salvaging and discovering new things.

For work, I remove barriers for people so that they can enjoy their life more independantly. In my art practice I used to make more objects and now I engage in more of a social practice (www.heidi-nagtegaal.com if you're interested) and live/sleep/cuddle with my cat in my bedroom/studio, which you can share with me.

Basically anything I have that you want, we can share.  Most people stay about a month (or more) if they're in town, if they're from out of town, the longest anyone's stayed is 2 weeks.

I read, write, make music, listen to music, garden, bicycle, try to get things for free, get love-on cuddle-snuggles with my cat who likes to drool, purr and scratch randomly. Many collaborations, sharing & running around (if you like running around) because I have a very long 'to do' list / am involved in as many things as a human can possibly handle without barfing.

I hope you are well!
Yours, Heidi

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