Bonar Family Tropical Residency Program

I would like to invite you to participate in the Bonar Family Tropical Residency Program.
We will be residing within my childhood home, the home I grew up between sixth grade until I left for college. There is a spare single bed in my bedroom you will sleep on, or, alternatively and depending on availability, you can sleep in my brother's room.
There is not much indoor studio space (a table can be set up always), however there is a great deal of installation space. This includes, but is not limited to, the large backyard, the platform-treehouse, the swimming pool, the front yard. Temporary installations could be made almost within the house itself. Nearby ideal installation sites include the Lake Ida Park (down the street) and the beach. Farther away installation sites are totally encouraged and open for conversation.
The purpose of inviting you here is to explore how a space that I have known only in one way can be re-imagined in many different new ways. The purpose is to make new friends in a place where I made up I can't have friends. The purpose is to share with each of you my home and hometown, and to explore it and learn more about our own growings-up together.
We at the Bonar Family Tropical Residency Program want to explore the kitch associated with a traditional Florida Vacation, and dig deeper, down to the memories, the land, the fruit, the histories and current realities of this beautiful destination location.

Your Surroundings:
The Bonar Family Tropical Residency Program is located in sunny suburban Delray Beach, Florida. That is, the southeast coast of Florida, about an hour north of Miami. It was named the All-America City for 1993 and 2001. Which is Very Important.
It is a beach-side tourist town. It is a gentrifying southern town. Its a town that shuts down relatively early in the evening. It is a town that puts up a 100-foot fake Christmas tree complete with plastic "ice-skating" rink on the main downtown lawn every winter. It gets down to maybe 60 degrees in December. It is my hometown.
The residency is located about a 10 minute bike ride from downtown, near a post office, gas station, 3 small neighborhood parks, a man-made lake, at least 4 churches, a grocery store, an I-Hop, and many wallgreens-esque stores. My backyard has many fruit trees that flower at all different times of the year.
Delray is bikeable, and has a pretty good tri-rail system that runs up and down the coast: it's good to get to Miami or West Palm Beach (an hour south and north respectively) or from the Airport, but not terribly useful for everyday getting around.
On our residency collaboration we would explore all parts of Delray and hopefully get a chance to explore more of Florida as well.
While you're here we can share my slowly dying car and my bike.

Dear everyone:
I am an artist, I am committed to each person being heard, listened to, speaking up, expressing themselves fully in the world.
I work artistically most often through soft sculptures, forts, storytelling, costumes, pretty dresses, photoshoots, storytelling. I lean towards projects that are about made up landscapes/geographies, map making of our inner thoughts, exploratory book reports on places, looking at what makes us an insider or an outsider or both. I am interested in how our everyday life can be an art practice. Not like "everything is art" but more like "you really are artistic and make a tangible difference in the world, you know. really." I want to create spaces where people feel free to create, connect, share and move forward that which is really meaningful for them.


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