I was recently in Portland, OR, for the second annual Open Engagement conference, hosted by Portland State University's department of Social Practice.  Many other NoDS affiliates and enthusiasts were present, and some more recruited along the way.    The conference addressed many topics pertaining to socially engaged art making, interventions and activism in every day life, and was a great space to spread NoDS across the continent.  For all of you who expressed interest in Portland, get your applications in! Summer time is prime time for a domestic residency!

There is a long winded explanation of events, and contributors to the conference on my blog, www.realmofreject.wordpress.com feel free to read more there!


May 1st 2010 marks the official lauch of the Network of Domestic Spaces project, (NoDS.)

NoDS is a reticulum of domestic artist residencies, set up by you, in your home.

The NoDS project promotes home based art innitiatives, hospitality and the sharing of creative ideas and events with people around your neighborhood and across the continent.

Vague ideas submitted to abstract thought processes; many emails sent back and forth, between collaborators across the continent, hashing and re-hashing ideas and designs, slowly assembling a system over the recent months of winter and spring; NoDS is now up and running, and ready for you to contribute to! 

Read more about it, and then fill out an application on the Apply page to be a part of the NoDS project!  You will be emailed shortly afterwards with further instructions....

We are so very excited to have this beast up and walking, and ready to quicken its pace by summer time

-NoDS team.

In celebration of spring-time, the prairies and the kick off of the NoDS project, Rachelle Viader Knowles will be hosting Amber Phelps Bondaroff for a 10 day domestic residency in her home in Regina Saskatchewan.

Amber will occupy Rachelle's guest room for ten days, using its walls to document daily excursions, explorations and interactions with Regina's people, places and things.

On Saturday April 10th, Rachelle and Amber will host a small dinner party and interactive edible performance, where eight selected Regina residents will construct and consume their town, and it's surrounding geography.

Read more about this project at Amber's Blog