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 Be a part of the domestic movement: Set up a NoDS Residency in your Dwelling Space                 
You need not live in luxury to be a part of NoDS. However, through the acts of creative hosting and collaborative co-habitation, you may very well make your place into a palace.

Looking for a dramatic change to your domestic landscape, for instance, for someone to turn your home into a giant aquarium? Say so in your application, and maybe someone else is looking to do just that.

Are you not ok with someone lining your living room with sod? Say so, and let others know where you draw the line between a great idea and something disrespectful and disruptive to your domestic affairs.

NoDS isn’t here to dictate, restrict or conceptually mould your creative initiatives in any way. You establish the when, the where and the how, of your residency space. NoDS is here to share home happenings, apartment activities, condo circumstances and sublet situations with domestic devisors, closet creators and bungalow builders.

We do have a few things that we’d like you to do, in order to make the whole NoDS experience make sense, and feel whole.


-First of all, as NoDS residencies take place in member's homes we absolutely insist that each and every NoDS resident and host enter into the experience with mutual respect and excitement for the project.

-Secondly NoDS requests that for each domestic residency, the host organizes at least one event; inviting friends, colleagues and neighbors into their home to witness and participate in the visiting artist’s project. This process serves to expose projects, connect neighbors and instigate conversations amongst everyone involved.

-Last but not least, DOCUMENT! NoDS wants to see what you do and where you do it. NoDS provides all participants with personal blogs, to share written, visual, and audio documentation, as well as profile pages to share links to the other things that you do.


You have the right to dismiss, reject, compromise, or love any proposed project.

You can also choose to "de-activate" your NoDS space at any time, for any reason. Just contact NoDS and let us know. This can mean either deeming your space as "non-active," while still remaining on list of spaces, for others to see, or by eliminating your space completely. (Although we'd really like it if you kept documentation up for others to see.)


To make your home a NoDS space, simply fill out the .


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Upon submission, NoDS team of highly trained hamsters will review and process your application. Shortly afterwards, you will be issued a unique login and password for access to the NoDS site. You will be able to create a profile of your space with all relevant information, to be listed on our searchable database. When someone is interested they will contact you directly to work out the details of their residency.