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Getting Personal

The Short:

NoDS is an investigation of two simple things: People and Spaces.

It is also about the complex relationships between, within and amongst these people and spaces.

NoDS was formed to promote, facilitate, and expose, creative initiatives on the domestic front;  to bring everyone closer together in the process, regardless of physical proximity or material discipline; and to examine the dry wall, brick or concrete barriers between private and public space, maybe even knocking some of them down during the process.

NoDS is dedicated to the un-conventional and un-institutional as space for artistic creation and display. Moving institutionalized artist residency into peoples homes helps all of us reconsider the walls we've built up between the private and the public, the domestic and the institutional, mine and yours, home and away.

The Creative Everyday:

NoDS views every aspect of everyday living as a constituent part of the creative process and vice versa.

This integration of creativity and living is at the core of the NoDS philosophy.  Through the examination of our everyday, and the everyday navigations of those around us,  NoDS strives for deeper levels of understanding, and awareness with surrounding people places and things. This process need not demand a dramatic shift of lifestyle of living habits.  It does require respect and openness towards others and the willingness to learn from them. 

When participating in a Domestic Residency, the visitor must be willing to remove themselves from his or her own familiar everyday, and place themselves within the everyday of another.  The host must be willing to accept the disruption of another within their space.  Both parties must adopt a certain amount of flexibility surrounding daily habbits, rituals and routine, to accommodate for the other party.

Through the processes of re-moval and re-placement, routine ways of navigating one’s surroundings can be re-visited and  re-evaluated; forming new collaborative rituals, worthy of creative observation and evaluation.


North American Geo-Isolation Syndrome:

As North Americans, we are faced with the stifling effects of vast geography on our social and spatial navigation. Canadians are perhaps the most prone to the isolating effects of geography. With ridiculously vast terrain to traverse between major centres, gaps in provincial legislation, localized cell phone service, and a postal service that is somewhat sub par, staying connected with people across the country is a difficult and daunting process.  NoDS encourages a diversification of social and creative terrain.  To expand social and artistic networks into the unknown and unfamiliar.  To share work, ideas and methods with other similarly inclined individuals and groups around the continent. 

Across the Country, Across the Block:

NoDS strives for community with people across the continent, but also amongst people who live close to one another.

Getting to know neighbours is another driving force behind the NoDS project.  This is why Events are an integral part of any NoDS project.  Opening doors to those in the neighbourhood brings a proximate community of folks together, while diversifying everyone's creative experience. Stage a Domestic Residency, host an event, invite your neighbours, invite your friends, watch your community grow, and your ideas follow suit.

The Humans Behind NoDS:

NoDS is a collaborative effort between North Americans, separated by vast expanses of geography. 

Amber Phelps Bondaroff and Rachelle Viader Knowles dreamt it up, over glasses of wine in a thrift store/art residency in Greensboro North Carolina.  They now live in Montreal, Quebec and Regina, Saskatchewan respectively.  Amber turned thoughts into words, into pictures and back into words again,  all the while, bouncing them back and forth around the continent, over the internet, and over the phone.

Bobby Williams oversees the complex web stuff from Charlotte, NC.


The Support:

NoDS gratiously acknowldges the Governement du Quebec, department of Arts and Lettres for its generous support of the NoDS project.